The OTA Education Foundation is a charitable institution devoted to the furtherance of education for Ontario post-secondary students. Established in 1958, by visionaries of the Ontario trucking industry, the Foundation was founded with the goal of providing assistance to Ontario students, regardless of their field of study, who have demonstrated their commitment to academic success, community service, and who have or plan to have an affiliation with the trucking industry.

Today, the Foundation, through its Scholarship Program, continues this tradition by assisting children of parents who work in Ontario’s trucking industry.


To help limit the spread of COVID-19, scholarship applicants will NOT have to submit their applications by mail. All applications have been converted to fillable forms that can be submitted by email. TRANSCRIPTS may also be emailed as long as the email address contains the URL of the issuing school or school board. Applications and transcripts can be sent to


Application Deadline: July 15

Official Transcript Deadline: July 30

Refer to Scholarship Applications for Instructions


Our Mission - The OTA Education Foundation is committed to providing Ontario post-secondary students, regardless of their field of study, with financial assistance to fund university and college tuition and related expenses. This is evident through our stated mission:

“To enlighten and educate Ontario University and college students to the economic importance of a prosperous trucking industry, and to encourage them to consider career and job opportunities in trucking by providing recognition and financial assistance for post-secondary education for children of workers of Ontario-based trucking and related companies”.

“The OTA Education Foundation’s scholarship program, which is largely supported by donations from the Ontario trucking and trucking services industries, provides financial assistance to post-secondary students with links to the Ontario trucking industry. With tuition and related fees on a steady upward climb, financial assistance from scholarships is increasingly important for students. I encourage members of the Ontario trucking industry to continue to support this unique scholarship opportunity that has been established for children of parents who make their livelihoods in trucking.”

Scott Smith
President, J. D. Smith and Sons Limited
Chairman, OTA Education Foundation